Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sir Russkal

Don't ask why, but I have recently subscribed to for a free daily tarot reading delivered to my email.

It's been a week and I admit I haven't really taken the time to read my readings since my automatic response to spam mail is to delete it.

I have seen today's reading though, and it was curiously pretty accurate of the situation I am currently in.

Here is my tarot reading:

The Knight of Swords card suggests that my power today lies in change. I am quick, sharp, and ready for assertive, revolutionary or affirmative action. I overcome obstacles or resolve conflict by getting right to the point, cutting to the chase or confronting challenges head on -- even if this means going against the grain. My communication, style or expectation is on the cutting edge and relies on reason, design, the latest craze or facts. It is my honor to protect and defend my perception of truth. I measure twice and cut once. I am empowered by expectation or duty and my virtue is commitment to the greater good.

Yeah baby, I'm your knight in shining armor.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Thumbs Up!

My heartfelt thanks to

Critique My Blog for the wonderful review of The Midnight Oil.

It gives me great pride that a lot of people are enjoying my posts, especially the ones about my country, the Philippines, considering that we're just a tiny speck in the world map.

Click here if you want to know what Critique My Blog has to say about this blog.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Don't blame the camera

"Where's the video record button?"

My wife asked, desperately, as she tried to make sense of the buttons beside the huge LCD.

"Wait, I'll read the manual" was my quick reply. Quick, and stupid.

How would I know that a digital SLR doesn't capture video? How would I know its difference from point-and-shoot digicams? It was my first SLR, let alone a digital one.

The camera in question is my new Nikon D-40. A gift I bought for myself for my 31st birthday. As soon as we accepted the fact that it doesn't do video, we took it for a test shoot. The result? Marvelous. This may not be the most sophisticated machine in its class, but for a guy who started with Polaroids and good-as-disposable instamatics, it's a breakthrough.

Here are some samples I took on our recent trip to the beach. Remember, me no professional. Me just likey to shoot. If you think the photos are crap, don't blame the camera. Blame the frustrated photographer:

Splendid. On my standards, at least.

I still haven't read the manual. I still don't know how aperture, light metering or ISO works and how to configure the settings manually. I'm taking my time. Right now, I'm loving my new toy.

Yet another reason to blog more frequently.

Yet another reason to view the world differently.