Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What gives?

Well i'll be damned.

Been posting for almost a month now and i just realized that my page doesn't display correctly on Internet Explorer (about me, links, previous posts and archives are flushed all the way down the bottom of the page, when it should be flushed right, aligned with the posts.) I haven't noticed since I've been using Mozilla Firefox as a default browser for the longest time, wherein my blog displays perfectly. Paranoid, I ran to check how it displays on Macs using the Safari browser. No problem.

So how now, brown cow will I fix this problem? Any suggestions? Would appreciate your comment if you know how I can fix this damn problem.



Anonymous said...

hey russ, i ran into this same prob before. try reducing the width of the post area. you can do it on the template. just remember to save a backup first (i usually just cut & paste to notepad) as one wrong move and it can mess up big time.

Anonymous said...

I, like so many of you who have been touched by the Diary of Anne Dirk, was saddened to learn of her death at the hands of the S.S. Neocons. Although her life’s flame was brief, it burned strong and shone with a bright light of hope for the future.

Anne Dirk was born to liberal parents during the twelve year Republican war against Amerika. Christian Conservatives, Republicans and the Neocons combined forces to become what has been labeled by history as,”The Asses-of-Evil.”

It was a dark period in Amerikan history, hopefully one that will not be repeated. On Tuesday of this week I will be opening the Liberal Holocaust Museum. In twelve years of Republican occupation many of us lost a loved one to the conservative horror. I hope this blog will prove to be a place of healing where each of us can leave a post in remembrance of a fallen friend, comrade or family member. This will be our Vietnam wall.

Thanks to everyone who shared their feelings during the posting of Anne’s diary. It was a labor of love translating her words and bringing to life a forgotten spirit.



russkal said...

thanks for the advice, manoy. problem fixed : )

russkal said...

why dirk, you've done it again! your posts never ceases to surprise me, and anne dirk's diary is a true testament of your political wit and eloquence. cheers to that!

Anonymous said...

I now have that exact sign post in my front yard.

I thought pregnancy was supposed to be such a beautiful thing!

On television you always hear words like glowing and radiant...

It all seems so warm and wonderful.

Then, the alien who has taken over the wife's body begins to unleash a hellish nightmare of horror.

Please, kill me before it paralyzes me with it's barbed stinger and lays it's eggs in my brain.

For the love of humanity...

russkal said...

haha! relax. it'll be over before you know it. the pregnancy, that is. after that, it's a whole new nightmare. oh, and one more thing. don't trust television commercials. i know because i make them.