Saturday, December 02, 2006

Midnight Merit

"Jumping Jupiters, Batman. I never knew you write!"

"I don't numbnuts. You're talking about the other midnight creature."

"There's another?"

"Hmmm... goes by the name Russkal. Sly as Penguin. Mysterious as Riddler yet witty as Joker."

"Holy Hulahoops! What do we do now?"

"Loosen your leotards, Robin. He's an ally."



"So you found a new sidekick then, huh? That it? That the reason why you're asking Alfred to make a shiny, new R patch? Does he put baby oil in your abs before you slip into that leather suit? Can he split? Huh? Can he ride the flying trapeze?"

"No. But he sure is funny."

"Freaking Frigging Funny my ass! That's it. I'm leaving!"

"Where you going?"

"The Chippendales are in town..."

Today marks The Midnight Oil's 2nd month anniversary. I initially invited midnight celebrities like Batman and Robin to write a post for this special occasion but they took a rain check for some reason. They did, however, sent a cake.

And though I am not particularly a "monthsary" celebrating chap, I offer this post, and this cake to my dear readers. See, I recently discovered thru my site meter that The Midnight Oil has lured a lot of midnight creatures - around the world at that! Now if only more people would comment... then again, that could be asking too much.

And so, to my readers in the US, Italy, Germany, France, and of course my countrymen, let me say Thank You. Molto Grazie. Vielen Dank. Merci Beaucoup. Maraming Salamat.

It means a lot coming from someone who used to be a non-believer of blogs.

Thank you for keeping The Midnight Oil burning.


Meander said...

I am here! Oooh cake! Gimme some! Congratulations to have a delightful blog!

blair_mitch said...

I want cake too!
Is it chocolate by any chance?

russkal said...

Meander - Thanks. I know you've been a busy bee lately, recently accepting Dirk's trophy from the awarding ceremony. Of course you can have a cake. It goes well with your delightful tea.

Blair_Mitch - Unfortunately, it's carrot cake. What would you expect? Two fruits delivered it. But sure, go ahead and dig in. How bout a serving of liempo dipped in mayonnaise?

Watch the calories now, ladies. Thanks for attending the party.

Dirk_Star said...

Hey, I wasn't invited to write a special post?

Too late, keep yer old crusty cake...

Damn kids!

There, just like all the other old geezers I just farted and now all your guests will leave.


Meander said...

whoooo weee...what is that smell? why that dirk could knock a buzzard off a shit wagon!

the cake was scrumptious...i will be back for more!

Monday said...

Friend, first of all, you have a beautiful site. Inggit ako. I will career to have one as beautiful (or mas beautiful pa)... promise...

Medyo very elite ang first encounter ko sa iyong blog. Nakaka-intimidate. Nag-post na ba si Dhang ng comment or may screening powers ba ang blog mo against intellectually challenged individuals?

Keep on burnin', ma friend!

The Wizened Wizard said...

Two months... such a blogging "babe"... and yet, such an interesting range of party guests... There are no superheroes where I come from (although there are bats and robins), so mingling has been fun (how exciting to actually meet Meander and Dirk!)and the cake is delicious!

Ah, but Midnight Oil Man, you are totally mistaken in your attempt at identifying the subject of my photograph. I have no evil eye!

russkal said...

Sniff-sniff... What's that smell?

Wow, the party was a real blast! Pun intended, Dirk.

Thank you all for coming on such short notice. I promise there'll be barbecue next time.

Dirk_Star said...

Want to see some “real” flower power?

The Wizened Wizard said...

When you say "Up North" (your photos), um... exactly which Up North do you mean? I'm assuming the Philippines, but I am very ignorant of your part of the world. (I'd better go wake up Google Earth...) I really liked the shots of the rice terraces. Beaches are okay, but I’m a red-haired wizard, so I sun-burn. Mountains always call to me. Your country looks beautiful.

You do know I was only teasing you about being a mere blogging babe... ;) For most of the time I have been blogging, the joke has been that I needed to post something for my other reader to see.

Thanks for stopping by my site.

Dirk_Star said...

Hey! Where are you?

Meander said...

yeah where are you? we miss you!

Dirk_Star said...


What happened?

Lassie, come home...