Monday, October 02, 2006

The Road to Damascus

Never thought I would, but I’ve taken the Road to Damascus.

An idiomatic expression referring to a great and sudden change in a person’s ideas or beliefs, the Road to Damascus is not an easy path to take. For one thing, there’s pride.

See, I used to hate blogs. I despised every single page of it like pickles on my hotdog. I remember myself asking, what’s with these people writing daily entries about their daily lives, and worse, what makes people read them? When did journals become so public? Since when did diaries become open property? Besides, who the hell cares if you grew a wisdom tooth this morning, saw your crush in the lobby, and found out that Nick Lachey is now single? I’m sure your parents would, or your bestest bestest friends, or your posies, or homeys, or whatever it is you call them, but I don’t! Jeez, the crap that people come up with. On a daily basis, at that!

I tried. Believe me, I did. I tried to understand what these people are going through and discover what the fuss is all about by making my own blog. But it did not last long. One post and I had to delete it.

And then I chanced upon seeing others. Other blogs posted by other people who apparently has other things better to do than posting mundane things in their blogs. Theirs were unique, amusing, and yes, sometimes even educational. And then I realized that I have been misled. That the entries I was forcefully trying to swallow don’t represent the entire blogging community. There are, in fact, some entries that are worth reading. Thought –provoking. Stimulating.

And so I decided, I will make one. Again. This time, I will jump into the bandwagon and take my blindfold off. I decided to do it without pride or prejudice. Besides, sooner or later, I have to stop those people who kept bugging me to start blogging, and use my insomnia to be more productive. Alright, people. You win. I give in.

So to all loyal bloggers out there who have been offended by my callous remarks above, I apologize. I hope you find my posts worthy of your time. Call it poetic justice but I am now one of you guys. I hope you welcome me back like the prodigal son.

‘Nuff said. Let’s blog.


aquariandog said...

hi russ. welcome to the blogosphere. ;-)

manoy bing

russkal said...

hi manoy. thanks : ) i have to admit, your blog was one of those who have given me "inspiration"... hehe. joy told me about it, so i checked it out. just curious, how'd you find me here?

aquariandog said...

thanks. i saw the link on your multiply site. nice pics.

gorgeous noelle ;P said...

For someone who's not a big fan of blogs, you sure have a lot to say. :) Talo mo pa si Kris Aquino sa lagay na 'to. Keep 'em coming though...sarap basahin ng mga (pa-u-)thoughts mo e. :) hehe... let's hang out soon!

russkal said...

thanks. you should start your own blog too, and put your "kadaldalan" in good use : ) kitakits

DevilBlueDress said...

I take it this is your grand beginning. Welcome then. The real question- are you looking for an audience or writing for yourself. It makes a differenc in what you do. I wrote for myself. Found an audience that I never cared about.

russkal said...

good question. i guess it started with an itch... i'm a writer by occupation so i guess it's natural.

can i say both? haha! safe answer.