Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Time's up!

Been working on weekends, catching buses at 2 am, missing my bed.

In an effort to keep this blog updated, I’ve listed down some topics that I am planning to write and post when I finally have time to spare:

  1. Advertising gurus – words of inspiration or otherwise from advertising legends Bernbach, Ogilvy, Burnett and modern-day favorites Droga and French.

  1. Dissecting TVs medical genre – House, Gray’s Anatomy and Scrubs

  1. The yellow brick road to Oz

  1. 48 hours of sun, sand, more sun, and lovely Brazilians

  1. Adspeak – advertising lingo for the curious

Some titles may change without prior notice. See posters and print ads for details.


DevilBlueDress said...

Give you bonus points for creativity... Unusual ideas.

russkal said...

thanks for stopping by devil! i'll make sure i'll keep em fresh